Coaching for Salesmen

Seminar content

Prior to the coaching, we clarify the exact assignment and goal of the coaching with salesman and executive. The executive prepares a strengths/weaknesses/potential profile and the salesman prepares a self-image containing a strengths/weaknesses/potential profile.

During the coaching you get continuous feedback within the attendance of day-to-day business. Following the coaching is a detailed feedback dialogue. This will be documented and supported by individual measures.

After the coaching you may make use of your coach for deepening questions and the reflection of initial positive results. The executive also gets feedback if applicable.

Target group of the seminar?

Everyone who wants to work on his/her development in the selling environment.

After the seminar?

You know about your strengths and unexplored potential. You are on your way to become a multi-professional sales manager, develop individually. After the coaching, your coach is at your disposal as a contact person.

Seminar fees?

499,- Euro net per session (half a day) plus expenses and accommodation if applicable

Dates? Locations?

Arrange an individual appointment with us. The coaching takes place at your company.

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